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While it’s true that you can see all of your Messenger conversations within by selecting Messages in the left-side pane or the Messages icon in the top right, these feel clunky. This clean, Messenger-dedicated site is free of ads and other junk that mucks up your screen when you’re trying to chat with friends.
I wanted to roam the back alleys of Cairo, eat my way through India, hike to Machu Picchu, parboil myself in the hot springs of Iceland and let go of the pain and stress of the divorce.

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”My stomach lurches at the word “hiding,” but the answer is obvious: no. He’s a member of the royal family and an informant for the U. “It might be embarrassing, but it wouldn’t be illegal.”Barbara said my solution wasn’t credible.I say I don’t have any contacts with foreign government officials. I inhale sharply, my heart pounding.“Let’s try that again,” Angela says, and repeats the question. Instead, the informant and I should both get naked and “into position.” A date was too transparent; sex was convincing.Surely Pence wants to be president himself one day, right?Pence isn’t exactly a political moderate — he’s been unremittingly hostile to gay rights, he’s a climate change skeptic, etc.

It goes like this: The intelligence agencies are allowed to listen in on foreigners.And when you have a lunatic controlling the nuclear codes, even a few months seems like a perilously long time to wait.How long will it take before Trump decides that “you’re fired” is a phrase that should also apply to nuclear missiles? ) In these dark days, some around the globe are finding solace in the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.But even after interrogators had determined that al-Masri had been confused with a suspect who had a similar name, posed no threat and had no information, their superiors couldn't decide on whether or not to release him.Finally, in May, al-Masri was flown to Albania, dumped by the side of the road and given €14,500 to buy his silence. Hard to do with Washington caught up in one of its periodic conspiracy frenzies. One, anti-Donald Trump, is that he and his campaign colluded with Russian intelligence.