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You can go through the list of females in your neighbourhood to browse through their pictures.

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Cute as he, she, or it may be, you can expect his/her/its presence to slice your popularity in half.

“Which one are you,” your suitors will wonder, “The blonde, the redhead, or the dog?

"In my view, I was the one who was deciding to look for someone to date — not him. " Posting your children's photos on your profile can actually be a great "screening device" to rule out anyone who's not kid-friendly.

That said, unfortunately, there are people who spend their wasted lives in front of the computer screen targeting kids, so proceed with caution.

The emoticon :-) will net you a 13 percent increase in replies, but :) results in a mysterious 66 percent decline.

"I wanted to make it clear that I was family oriented." When choosing photos of your kids, however, it's best to pick the ones that don't include close-up shots of their faces.

This means: no potty or bathtub photos, and no bathing-suit shots.

We use this feature to protect the privacy of our Premium members.

While the vast majority of our members are serious about online dating, we offer a basic membership to let people see if we're right for them.